Find relevant medications for Diseases

Call our Medication Recommendation API for recommended medications for specific diseases. Based on the disease (medius disease ID) the relevant medication is searched in the Medius Knowledge Graph. The API then responds with medication(s).

This is an extremely useful API and can have different use-cases like, building your own medication recommendation help bot, used in online pharmacy apps, medication suggester feature in existing apps etc.


Why Use Medius Health API

  • Easy integration
    ‍With our API’s, you can get up and running from scratch in a matter of days
  • Understands abbreviations
    ‍Our backend even understands the abbreviations used commonly by clinicians to make the diagnosis quick and efficient
  • AI Engine
    We have extracted data from thousands of data sources to analyze, store and give you responses based on specializations, demographics, age, gender, location. Basically, our AI engine is curated for you.
  • Privacy and Security
    All user data is securely stored in accordance with our privacy policy. You can read more about our privacy policy here
  • Advanced Analytics
    Leverage our extensive knowledge base and generated datasets to create real time dashboards and insights